Our backup care program, Choice4Care provides alternate care for infants, well or mildly ill, through adults/elders when your dependent care falls through, whether planned or not.

If your company is like most businesses—every employee plays a key role in the day-to-day operations and absenteeism is very costly. When employees are faced with unexpected emergencies, such as a mildly ill child, an elderly parent who needs care or a no-show nanny, most employees will stay home to care for their loved one.

Now consider the implications of that key employee missing a critical meeting, the cost of hiring temporary personnel, plus the cost of paying for your employee's time off, and you'll understand why Choice4Care backup care is the program that works for your business and your employees.


  • Reduces absenteeism and all associated costs.
  • Attracts and retains top talent.
  • Work-Life balance leads to productive engagement and the best place to work.
  • Price-sensitive solutions encourage maximum usage of the program.
  • Backup care succeeds only when utilized to its full potential, so we will develop a specific and customized marketing strategy to promote program usage.

Our backup care program is not intended to replace current arrangements, but to supplement them with an alternate to the employee staying home. Choice4Care backup care resolves care-giving issues by providing trusted care so employees can focus on work responsibilities. It is easy to use, dependable, and high quality.

Contact Choice4Care™ backup care at 1-800-343-9057 for additional information on our backup care program.