Choice4Care Consultation can help your company design a program to assist your employees with their work-life balance while staying within the parameters of your company culture and budget. This assessment will reveal what your employees need and we will recommend programs that can create the most value for your company.

In the current economic environment, work-life balance now ranks as one of the most important workplace attributes—second only to compensation, according to research conducted by the Corporate Executive Board in 2009 among more than 50,000 global workers and employees who feel they have a better work-life balance tend to work 21% harder than those that don't.

Unlike yesteryear, today's employees must inevitably balance work and family responsibilities. We help employers look at work-life effectiveness from two different perspectives: your company needs and your employee needs.

To get a true picture of your company and employee needs, a comprehensive needs assessment is essential. Based on statistical analysis, we recommend work-life programs to  for your company. Once we assess programs to meet your company's objectives, we project costs and suggest a timetable for start-up and program implementation.

The best organizations recognize that the most appreciated service they can provide their employees is the "gift of time." In fact, more than 60% of the employees polled in the Corporate Executive Board study in 2009 identified flexible schedules as the most important work-life practice their employer could provide. Choice4Care Consultation work-life needs assessment can help your company develop comprehensive solutions for flexible work options. We use a proprietary diagnostic tool that assesses both job feasibility for flexible work options, as well as cultural readiness in your organization. We then provide you with a prescription for making flexibility successful for managers and employees.

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