Our Resource and Referral program began in 1989, and provides a comprehensive service to working parents and caregivers with child and elder responsibilities. Our trained family resource specialists provide referrals, community program information, and dependent care consultation to employees in need of solutions. Our reputation for excellence is directly related to the quality of our resource staff and the comprehensive service listings we have compiled. Our team of trained family resource specialists are educated in life span development and hold professional degrees in child development and related fields.

Choice4Care's personalized Child and Elder Care Consultation & Referral Service offers multiple benefits for both employers and employees. It enables employees to avoid having to call numerous agencies and organizations to find the one service that offers a specific type of care or program. Additionally, the personal assistance offered by a Family Resource Specialist increases the likelihood that the chosen service is the option that will best meet the care needs of the employee's child or elder. Comprehensive consultation and referral benefits provide a valuable resource to reduce the time and effort employees must spend in finding care and managing family issues. This ultimately increases productive time at work. Comprehensive referral programs offer trained specialists to help employees find, understand, and evaluate care options.

For the employer, results and cost effectiveness can be measured in terms of lowered absenteeism, reduced turnover, increased productivity, greater employee loyalty and morale, and reduced employee stress and anxiety.

Contact Choice4Care® at 1-800-343-9057 for additional information on our Resource and Referral program.