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Have We Lost the Wonder?

I have the gift of working closely with children, and they absolutely delight me. I am also blessed with the most amazing grandchildren in the world. Feeling that way about your grandchildren is required to belong to this club, right? This picture is my four-year old Ella from Dallas, Texas, who is celebrating life in the rain at the top of the Empire State Building. She is touring the original 13 colonies with her family, and you can read all about it at Ella is the one in mid-air with the little ponytails in the top panel of pictures.

The family’s aggressive plan necessitates a lot of driving. When the picture here was taken, Ella had been in the car most of the day and had then ridden the train into the city, taken a cab, the subway, and an available limo. The family toured the Empire State Building long after Ella’s bedtime, but she didn’t let the adversity of the day interfere with the wonder she found in that moment celebrating the raindrops on her face.

I will treasure this picture for many reasons, and it challenges me to ask myself why I have allowed my vision to become so clouded by the negativity all around me. Why do I see a raindrop and immediately think that it is going to be a gloomy day? Why do I think that my plans cannot go on? Where did I lose the wonder?

Perhaps some adjustments are needed. I know that “dancing in the rain” is a little overused … but seriously -- stop what you are doing and just watch the children in your life. They will show you the joy of being in the moment and encourage you to rediscover the unused resources inside yourself that just might ignite a party in your soul. Next time you feel the clouds of fear and doubt gathering, put on your jacket and go to the top of the building and dance. Even if that doesn’t make you feel better, you might inspire someone else!

I get that children don’t have the weight of the world on their shoulders, and they haven’t yet learned that life isn’t fair. I also submit that, as adults, we sometimes choose the outlook that makes our load much heavier than it needs to be. My Ella, Ava, and Holton teach me amazing life lessons, as do all the children in my life. Look around you for the children in your life who can teach you to dance in the rain long after bedtime.