Safety and Security

Children's Choice is committed to providing a safe, secure environment for our children, our families, and our educators. All Children's Choice centers have industry-leading security technology and safety procedures.

Our outside doors are always locked and can be opened only by entering a personalized code that is given to parents and educators. Any visitors must ring a doorbell prompting our front desk personnel to address them via speakerphone to determine if access will be granted.

Verification of the person's identity and authorization for access to the child is made through a photo identification system. Also, our schools are equipped with surveillance cameras which constantly track the facility perimeter, playground and classrooms.

Once in the building, our parents and educators must check in at the front desk using Choice Tracking®, our state-of-the art proprietary software. Offering the latest technology for security, Choice Tracking® monitors and verifies in real time the teacher/child ratios, management people on duty and all staff and children in the center.

Children's Choice trains all staff in CPR and first-aid, and in safety and health practices.  Our quarterly Risk Management Audits confirm that these procedures are consistently practiced.