Sniffles & Snuggles®

Many Children's Choice Learning Centers offer Sniffles & Snuggles®.

Sniffles & Snuggles®, a separate get-well suite where a healthcare professional cares for mildly-ill children. Parents can then go to work with the peace of mind that their child is in a familiar environment with caregivers they know and trust.

Sniffles & Snuggles® is equipped with a separate ventilation system, entrance, and exit so that mildly-ill children are safely isolated from the learning center. Within the get-well suite, children are separated by their illnesses to prevent cross-contamination. We ensure that toys, books, and additional educational materials are available to them. They may also bring their favorite toy or other security item such as a blanket and pillow.

Sniffles & Snuggles® benefits our corporate partners through reduced absenteeism, improved morale, and a more productive staff. 

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